Vossaboki Online

Vossaboki contains farm- and family history from Voss "herred" in Norway. The information in the books is based on church books, estate inventories and other legal documents. Vossaboki consists of four books, written in Norwegian ("Nynorska") by Lars Kindem. They were published by "Voss Bygdeboknemnd" 1933-1938. These books are frequently used by genealogists.

On this site all the 255 farms described in Vossaboki, including some other chapters of general interest, are available online (almost 1.900 pages).

In order to simplify the reading of these pages, links are not underlined. In addition, visited links still have the same blue colour as unvisited links, while the backgrounds change into yellow when the mouse hover over the links. These pages also support change of character size (normally done by pressing Ctrl while scrolling the wheel of the mouse).

The Vossaboki volumes are organized in the following way:

Different ways to search in the Vossaboki pages

You could either search in the index of each volume of the book by using the links above, or you may use:

Some general and interesting chapters from Vossaboki

Innleiding - Introduction (from volume 2)

Ymse merknader og avstyttingar - Various notes and abbreviations (from volume 2)

Bumerki på Voss - Owner's marks from Voss (from volume 2)

Kroki over Vossavangen - Map over Vossavangen (in volume 1)